SOGIE Data Collection

Resources for SOGIE Data Collection

Asking About SOGIE Implementation Guide

This Implementation Guide presents the lessons learned from implementing the Asking About SOGIE Pilot with youth in Michigan’s foster care system and provides recommendations for other agencies seeking to replicate the model for the children, youth, and families they support. Also available is a standalone infographic on Michigan’s Asking About SOGIE implementation process.

Podcast Series: Collecting Data on SOGIE in Child Welfare

LGBTQ+ children and youth are overrepresented in foster care and face a range of disparities. How can the child welfare system ensure safe and affirming care for them using data on sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression? This new series on SOGIE data collection will help this previously invisible population be seen, heard, and prioritized in child welfare. Click the button below to listen on SoundCloud or find the series wherever you get your podcasts.

SOGIE Data Collection in Public Systems of Care: A Practice Guide for Santa Clara County

This guide provides background on the importance of SOGIE data collection and provides some important strategies for others to follow. The guide also provides lessons learned and recommendations for others collecting SOGIE data in public systems.

Moving a Child Welfare System to Be More Affirming of the LGBTQ Community: Strategies, Challenges and Lessons Learned

Allegheny County’s report on their system-wide effort to normalize conversations about SOGIE and collect SOGIE among youth and youth adults in child welfare. The report can be a helpful guide to child welfare agencies.

Safe Identification of LGBTQ2S+ Youth Policy

Cuyahoga County’s policy for collecting Safe ID, their method of safely disclosing SOGIE so that LGBTQ+ young people from ages 13-21 can receive specialized services. Please also visit their Collecting SOGIE Toolkit that has been developed to help staff implement the policy and understand how to collect SOGIE data in affirming and safe ways. This toolkit also has example forms that agencies might be able to use.

Cuyahoga Youth Count

The Cuyahoga Youth Count was an anonymous telephone survey conducted in fall of 2019 with youth (ages 12-21) in Cuyahoga County’s foster care system. Cuyahoga County is a large county in Ohio. The survey was conducted by the National Quality Improvement Center on Tailored Services, Placement Stability, and Permanency for LGBTQ2S Children and Youth in Foster Care. For detailed information on the survey’s methods and findings, please download The Cuyahoga Youth Count: A Report on LGBTQ+ Youth Experience in Foster Care.

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