Journey Ahead

About Journey Ahead

Journey Ahead is a multi-session intervention for young people who identify as LGBTQ+. The program was created to be implemented with youth experiencing multiple life stressors or systems involvement. The program has a special focus on the intersection or race, ethnicity, and LGBTQ+ identity. Journey ahead can be delivered in-person or virtually. Virtual implementation typically spans six weeks.

Journey Ahead:

Who is the Program for?

Journey Ahead is designed for LGBTQ+ young people age 13-21. It can be administered in a variety of settings and age groups. However, it is recommended that cohorts are all age appropriate and that young people attend cohorts with other young people in their age range. For example, a cohort of 18-21 year olds would be separated from a cohort of 13-15 year olds.

Journey Ahead Goals:

Journey Ahead Data Show That it…

Program Data

This short data dashboard gives a snapshot of the preliminary findings of Journey Ahead that should help agencies and providers determine whether Journey Ahead would meet their needs and goals. For questions on the data and information represented in this dashboard, please contact the National SOGIE Center at

Journey Ahead Data Show That it…


“I feel as I have gained a sense of community in a time where I would have otherwise been left feeling isolated.” – Youth participant

[I gained] confidence, family, understanding, and knowing that I am not alone. Youth participant

How do I bring Journey Ahead to my organization?

To implement Journey Ahead in your practice or within your organization, please email the National Quality Improvement Center on Tailored Services, Placement Stability, and Permanency for LGBTQ2S Children and Youth in Foster Care at

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